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Honestly I’m trying here, I’m trying not to be angry with Lily’s father/ my boyfriend with the lack of help he gives me, I’m trying to be understanding that he has some mental health issues, but that means then that you go get help, you don’t refuse to take your medicine, you don’t say that you only need one psych. appointment a month when you have it fully covered and can go see a psych. whenever you want, that doesn’t mean you get to stay at home all day being depressed and making me depressed in the process without even trying. 

I’m getting tired of supporting him mentally and by making him meals, picking up after him, doing laundry and doing it all without a thank-you and then him turning around and telling me i’m not supporting him at all. 

I feel like whatever I do he will complain about something and not even something that has substance, something that is the truth, go ahead complain I didn’t make a meal you liked but don’t complain that I didnt make you food when I’ve made three meals and you chose not to eat them at all. 

I’m trying to stay with him for our daughter, I’m trying to stay with him so that he doesn’t get more depressed…but in the process i’m becoming depressed. 

Honestly I’m at the point where I need someone that doesn’t know us to tell me what to do. Is it worth staying?

I’m so overwhelmed.


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